Kids’ Church

At Siion Church children are a valuable part of our congregation. Our worship gatherings generally start with worshipping God in song. Children are asked to accompany their parents and participate in singing and worship. Prior to the message children will be encouraged to go with the Kid’s Church teachers out the back doors of the sanctuary. We do this not because children are a distraction or because Kids’ Church is a simple babysitting service rather we recognize that children are at a different developmental stage than we adults are and therefore they need teaching in an age-appropriate manner.

Siion’s Kids’ Church is an enriching, innovative sunday school that focuses on teaching kids of all ages Scripturally-centred lessons. These lessons are generally planned to accompany the teaching in the main sanctuary with the rest of the congregation. Through Kids’ Church the lessons are taught in a way that is more age appropriate for children and is taught through a variety of different teaching mediums including visual arts and crafts, songs, games, skits, and even the occasional puppet show. Throughout all of this, children are encouraged to ask questions and explore the possible answers together with peers and teachers.

Feel free to email regarding any questions you may have of Kids’ Church at Siion.