What’s the deal with Jesus?

Scripture tells us that Jesus was born to a woman named Mary, under very special circumstances. Long story short, the man Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was both God and Man, with the two natures coexisting as the person of Jesus. Jesus was God incarnate, meaning ‘in the flesh’.  He is the perfect expression of the Love that God had for His creation . That’s not it though, He taught and did things that showed His authority over all of creation. Then He died and rose again so that we would be freed from dying the death all of our wrongness (sin) deserved, and we would be presented with the hope of the Resurrection. We worship Him because He is God our Creator, and we love Him in return because He loved us so greatly that He considered it fine to die for us.


I believe in God, why should I “go to church?”

First of all, the church is not a building. The church is first-and-foremost the congregation of people who live under the Lordship of Jesus. Other metaphors for this are: the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ,  the Temple of God. Church is people not bricks, wood, metal, and mortar. You will notice, those metaphors are all singular and we believe this is with purpose – we are called and saved not as individual believers but together as one. Together we make up the church and it is imperative that we meet together with our local brothers and sisters so that we can build each other up. Each of us has been, or will be given, gifts that God uses to build his church and none of us holds the full gamut of gifts. God did not make us or redeem us to be self-sufficient but rather so that we would strengthen each other in Faith, Hope, and Love. The church is not made up of perfect people and often hurts do happen  even here, but it is all worth it because through His Holy Spirit operating in our community, God molds us and makes us into the people we were purposed to be.